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Guide To Volunteering In Singapore

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Today, in the second part of our feature of the week, we’ll be introducing you to another fun and enriching thing you can do to keep yourself occupied after semi/full retirement!

Are you over 40 and at a loss of what to do because of Covid-19? If yes, then this article is perfect for you! If you’re not sure where to spend your spare time, why not consider volunteering?

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Volunteering is the contribution of time, effort and talent to a need, cause or mission without financial gain. By doing so, you can share your experience, skills and knowledge and contribute back to society, while bringing about a sense of fulfilment and meaning to your silver years! In fact, studies have shown that volunteering also improves the mental and physical well-being of volunteers themselves, particularly those aged 60 and above. Through volunteering, you can even widen your network of friends and remain engaged in society. The best part? You’ll be lending a helping hand to others. After all, one of the greatest joys that one can experience in life is found in helping others!

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Not sure how to start? No worries, here are some answers to questions you might have to help you out!

Where can I volunteer?

You can also check out this site for various volunteering opportunities that could be a perfect fit for you!

If you’re torn between the different opportunities, you can

  1. Narrow down your search to find an opportunity at a location convenient for you by using the Location filter

  2. If you think you have a specific skill set that you would like to contribute to the society, narrow down the listing by using the Skills Preferred filter.

How can I volunteer?

Please contact volunteer host organisations via the phone number or email address provided in their respective listings!

I don’t have a lot of time, what is the commitment for volunteering like? Volunteering does not have to be taxing! Different organisations have different volunteering frequency. You can find out more details by checking out their listings!

What is volunteering like?

Check out stories of active senior volunteers and their experience here and here to see what it’s like to volunteer! Who knows? You might feel inspired and full of motivation to volunteer after reading more about Senior volunteer Maisie Yang’s heart warming experience at REACH Community Cafe here!

Alternatively, here are some other sites you can check out for more volunteering opportunities:

If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for future related posts on our blog!

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