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A Quick Website Tour

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

For anyone who feels lost on our website, this quick and handy guide on how to navigate the Samplelah! website might be exactly what you need!

Home Page (link)

Here, you can find the collection of samples we offer! You can search for specific samples in the search bar at the top of the page. If you’re looking for a specific category/type of sample, you can filter the search results through the filter function on the left. Click on the product to view more information about it before you add it to the cart!

You can scroll to the bottom of the home page or click on the “About” icon at the top of the home page to find handy infographics that give you more information about us, what we do, how to get free samples and how to sign up! You can click on the “sign up now” infographic to be directed to the member sign up page!

Join our mailing list!

Fill in your email here to join our mailing list! We send an email once a week that includes regular updates on our product availability such as new arrivals, products that are going out of stock soon and more, as well as our blog posts (link).

Contact us!

We have also left our email address here, which you can email directly to if you have any urgent enquiries or feedback!

Important terms and conditions!

Do read through our terms and conditions by clicking on the Policy button as well.

Social media!

You can also follow us on Facebook for even more updates and content!

There are also the “Blog”, “Contact” and “FAQ” sections that can be assessed via the top bar as well, and will be explained further below!

Blog Page (link)

Check out our blog page for weekly posts, such as handy how-to guides like this! There are also weekly articles like trends of the week and things to do after retirement that may interest you! We will also be uploading product recommendations on our blog soon, so if you’re not sure what sample you want to try, do stay tuned for that!

Contact Page (link)

Do leave your contact information here in this form if you wish to ask us anything/ provide any feedback!

Alternatively, if you find the contact form too troublesome, you can click on the chat box icon at the bottom right corner of the page to chat with us or email us directly through the email address we have provided at the bottom of the page!

FAQ Page (link)

On our FAQ Page, all the questions and answers have been sorted by category, so you can navigate to each section and find the answer to any possible questions you may have easily! You can also search for your question in the search bar if you’re not sure which section it is in! If your question is not here, you can contact us directly via the contact form, chat box on the bottom right of the screen or the email address at the bottom of the page.

Log in/ Sign up Page

If you’re new to Samplelah! and want to get free samples, you can create a free account by clicking on the Login button at the top right of the website! Being a member gets you access to all kinds of exclusive benefits, such as being rewarded with points to redeem more free samples, connecting with other seniors, and becoming a brand ambassador for your favourite brand! More details about how to sign up can be found in this article.

Once you’ve signed up as a member, you can log in to the website with ease by simply logging in via your email/gmail or facebook account!

That’s it for this Samplelah! website guide! So what are you waiting for? Sign up to be a member here now!

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