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5 Underrated Local Tea Brands To #SupportLocal!

Why #SupportLocal?

We all know the benefits of drinking tea: it supports heart health, aids digestion, reduces stress, the list goes on. However, did you know of the plethora of local tea brands, each producing their unique rendition of this age-old drink? Not only is their tea catered to local palates, but by supporting them, you get to help their business during the pandemic as well.

So, without further ado, here are 5 local brands to get your next tea fix from!

1. ETTE Tea

Credits: ETTE Tea Company

From Pandan Chiffon to Nasi Lemak, ETTE’s blends are known for their unique and bold Singaporean flavours. Featured in their Singapourien Collection (that’s ‘Singaporean’ in French), these tea flavours are sure to bring you back to your childhood days. If you find these flavours rather intimidating, you can purchase them in Tasting Sets, which contain smaller portions of ETTE’s teas!

2. Gryphon Tea Company

Credits: Gryphon Tea Company

Gryphon Tea Company traces its roots to a family-owned tea importer, founded almost 100 years ago. What sets them apart from other tea brands is undeniably their Sparkling Teas, perfect for the sweltering Singapore weather! They carry 3 flavours: Pearl Orient with Lychee, Osmanthus Sencha with Passionfruit and Earl Grey Lavender with Strawberry. Though the sparkling teas are currently sold out on their website, they are still retailed in individual bottles at select supermarkets!

3. Pekoe & Imp

Credits: Pekoe & Imp

Sometimes, less really is more! Run as an online tea store, Pekoe & Imp is dedicated to selling the best quality teas — no frills, no drama. Pekoe & Imp also sells rustic artist-made teaware to further elevate your tea-drinking experience. Have a sweet tooth? Check out their collaboration with Fossa Chocolate, a local artisanal chocolate brand!

4. Juan Tea

Credits: Juan Tea

Juan Tea derives its name from Madame Juan, a mother of 3 and a full-time homemaker, who started out brewing herbal tea to boost her family’s health. Driven by a passion for healthy living, Juan Tea aims to debunk the misconception that herbal tea = boring, through a series of creative and fun blends.

5. Highlanders

Credits: Highlanders

Highlanders prides themselves on their Organic Made in Singapore Brown Rice Tea. Their brown rice tea comes in an array of flavours, including benong ginger and rosemary. Apart from their teas, Highlanders also sells Brown Rice Desserts and Rainbow Congee. Their products are curated to improve sleep and reduce stress, making for healthy and delightful beverages and desserts.

What’s next?

With so many options available, you might be wondering: how should I choose The One? Well, SampleLah! believes that the most foolproof way to do so is through trial-and-error in the form of sampling! Sampling allows you to try out smaller portions of products you’re interested in (often) for free. Do keep an eye out for our Samples which will be headed your way soon! In the meantime, if you’re interested in receiving FREE NTUC vouchers, do click on this link for more information. Happy browsing!

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