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4 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Important For Your Business

Updated: Dec 1, 2021


1. Consistent Marketing Material

As a business owner, you're always trying to reach your target audience but the constant generation of marketing materials is taxing for yourself and even troubling if your staff doesn't know what to create.

This results in the reposting of old marketing materials that bore the hell out of your audience which cause dropoffs.

With Content Marketing, you don't have to put up old marketing materials, you can put up content that is relevant to the audience interest.

For example, instead of putting all the product information in your social post, you repost a screenshot of others using your products while talking about the product.

This works for trends as well, where you can tap on existing trends to create content with your content partner.

2. Indirect and not Salesy

I know you want to directly talk to your prospect or your audience about your product, but you gotta remember that people don't want to be sold to. So direct and salesy approaches often fail!

With content marketing, you can share about your product (even the dry-est ones) with your audience at a better information retention rate.

Say you're selling a new product, maybe a cordyceps bird's nest, and you want to get the message across about the benefits. Instead of outrightly talking about it, you get your content partners to talk about why they love it!

This means, your content partner will sell it for you without you selling anything.

Easy right? (Writer: I wish it's that easy to convince clients to believe this lol)

3. Credibility

This is pretty easy to understand, as a consumer yourself - Do you believe in the words of the company that sells the product or do you believe in the review of other users?

Content generated and posted on social media is the best form of review and testimonial for your potential audience.

It would be seen as credible and thus help your brand especially when your potential customer is at the decision-making phase and needs to have more insight for past customers.

4. Low Cost

Gone are the old days of using big billboards that would cost a bomb or hold physical roadshows that would barely reach anyone. With social media and content marketing, you can easily reach thousands of people at a relatively low cost.

We normally measure this by the Cost-per-click/view (CPC/V) metric and it is definitely way cheaper if you compare this metric with the likes of traditional media.

In conclusion, Content Marketing is the smarter way to talk about products or businesses. If you're not using it, you should definitely give it a try! If you're still unsure, you can reach us at and we can have a 30mins 1-to-1 session where I share more about how we can help run a campaign for you.

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