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5 Homegrown Chocolate Brands to Try this Christmas

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Year 2021 is ending, with Christmas being in just 1 day, and in another 8 days we will be ushering in the year 2022. And what better way to start off your new year than to reward yourself with a sweet treat? And not just yourself, gift them to your friends too as Christmas or New Year’s presents! If you’re a chocolate lover, then this article is perfect for you, because we’ve curated 5 local chocolate brands that you can try out this holiday season! Whether it’s a gift for a friend or a treat for yourself, it’s time to indulge!

1. Mr Bucket

Credits: Mr Bucket

With flavours like Earl Grey Bergamot, Mala Mild Spicy, Speckled! Salted Egg Yolk and Gingerbread, you can probably see why Mr Bucket’s brand name was inspired by the famous Children’s Book – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. These gourmet chocolate treats are only made using sustainably sourced cacao beans from farmers in Southeast Asia, so these unexpected flavour pairings will likely bring a surprise to your taste buds as well, in a good way!

2. Patisserie G

Credits: Burpple

Patisserie G was started in 2012 by Singaporean Gwen Lim, who had one mission – to provide Singapore with French pastry and baked goods that are made only with the best quality ingredients. Their Artisan Chocolate Bars (S$12 each) come in 7 flavours, such as the classic Dark Chocolate and more interesting ones like Ruby Chocolate and Sea Salt. As their name suggests, they not only create gourmet chocolate bars, but they also specialize in other pastries (both sweet and savory), cakes and macarons, so you can try a bit of everything!

3. Awfully Chocolate

Credits: Awfully Chocolate

You might be familiar with this homegrown brand, which can be found in many locations in Singapore and overseas. They started from selling only one cake in their humble store in Sembawang, and now sell all types of chocolate products all over the world! Their products are all handmade daily from scratch and by hand with premium ingredients and would be perfect as a gift or simply a treat for yourself. Some of the best-selling flavours for their Awfully Chocolate Chocolate Bar are Caramel Brittle & Sea Salt and the 60% Dark Chocolate Baton. Alternatively, you can also try their Gorgeous Truffles – rich, velvety smooth dark chocolates that melt in your mouth. They might be a sinful indulgent, but are definitely worth every calorie!

4. Janice Wong

Credits: Janice Wong

Janice Wong may be another name you recognise, which is no surprise since it is a renowned name in the culinary world. She’s won multiple awards including Asia’s Best Pastry Chef twice in a row by the prestigious San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best for 2013 & 2014, and many more, so you can be rest assured that these chocolates will taste as good as they look! If you like surprises and chocolate all year round, go for their chocolate advent calendar or assorted chocolate boxes!

5. Hello Chocolate

Credits: Hello Chocolate

If you stumbled upon this article looking for the best craft chocolate for your gifting needs, you’ll definitely find something here. Hello Chocolate offers same day delivery within Singapore right to your doorstep. They are also the biggest online bean-to bar chocolate shop in Asia so you can be sure that their assortment of chocolates have been carefully selected to ensure that they are ethically sourced and are authentic. Try their different types of dark chocolates, such as Blood Orange 70% or Masala Chai Spiced 63%.

And if you and your friend doesn’t have a sweet tooth, fret not! Check out this article for 4 other Christmas gift ideas for this holiday season!

If you liked this post, stay tuned for more blog posts! Do also check out our samples here! Happy holidays everyone!

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