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3 Reasons Why Your Brand Might Need Review Marketing

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Is your brand living on the internet? Are you selling products online or have a presence online? If yes, here are 3 reasons why you should consider up-ing your review game.

1. Empowered Consumers who are Data-centric

Consumers today have been empowered to make purchase decisions more than ever. They are not looking forward to being sold to, but they would like to be provided with data to make a sound decision.

Such data could be transparent pricing, items sold, number of quality reviews, product sources, etc.

A product listing with all these data would always be preferred by consumers as compared to a shady listing with little to zero data. (scammer alert~~)

As the world is moving towards data, so should your strategy!

2. Credibility

Quick question: Would you trust reviews with no user testimonials and pictures or one with a well-written testimonial on why they love your products?

Credibility is the objective of reviews - be it good or bad, it gives future prospective customers a chance to know what's up.

But if you buy fake reviews online, you might just have made it worse for your brand as it would seem even less sincere.

As the digital customers are getting savvy in sussing out fake reviews, tactics like buying fake bot reviews which seems to have worked in the early 2000s are totally useless now.

I mean... even a 10-year-old can tell if a review is fake by the username of "username1234"...

So if you want to sell to digitally savvy customers, you gotta be sincere and credible with real reviews.

3. ROI

Alright... it's time for every bosses' favourite topic - ROI!

So what exactly is the ROI for review marketing?

Let's break down the cost and the returns:


- Sample distribution + review marketing campaign with SampleLah! ($500/100 samples)


- Direct online marketing listed on SampleLah!

- Direct network marketing on SampleLah! network

- Direct offline marketing for 100 samplers

- Review collection from 70 samplers (Assuming 70% conversion rate)

- Indirect review marketing impact on your platform = infinity = priceless

Well clearly if your product is selling at least $500 worth of products, you'll be happy to know that you can easily make back your investment rather quickly. Let alone the other returns you're getting - lifetime reviews, online presences, etc....

Are you convinced now? Thinking of trying a campaign with us?

Do reach us at and our staff will get back to assist you with your campaign!

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